Friday, December 18, 2009

$tinkworx Live @ Public Assembly 12/10/09 by djchupacabras

$tinkworx Live @ Public Assembly 12/10/09  by  djchupacabras

A very special live set from none other than Downlow label boss $tinkworx (along with Minto). This was from Public Assembly on a cold December Brooklyn night. $tinkworx killed it as usual, but feel free to see for yourself… Look for his releases on Bunker, Delsin, Strangelife and others. This was a lot of fun and a big thank you to JT for letting me put this up for you guys. The recording is in mono but who cares. Enjoy!!!


  1. man, this is crap. what a uninspired noodle. same arp-pattern over and over. couldnt you find three other notes?

  2. sir, i want to apologize for the rudness in my first comment. after listening again, i´ve to admit it wasnt crap. sorry for my big mouth but every dog has it´s day and at least i´m not ashamed to take something back. it was fun to listen for the second time (except the crackles ;)