Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Legowelt + Xosar live this week in NY!

Well there was meant to be a secret show with both Legowelt as well as Xosar that was canceled. So this week continuing our weekly run at Loreley we will have both of them playing live with me & Speculator djing. The weather will be a bit warmer and hopefully not be raining like last week. There's no door cover as usual and the beers are cheap. Try and stop by....

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kiwi - Don't Stop [Love' N' Boogie]

Very cool track from 1983. Love the vocals. She sings so weird and then the chorus comes across very pop. The synths on this one sound like they're battling in a few parts. I like it.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Strangeness at Academy Record Store

So I stopped by Academy Records in Brooklyn yesterday only to find an interesting deterrent against manipulating their equipment. As you can see in the photo I took it appears they don't want people to adjust the pitch or eq while listening to records. I always end up pitching records down when I hear them and it looks like they can't handle that. I know they carry a bunch of 12"s but they may as well drop in some shitty turntables without pitch if it has become that bothersome. I can live without the eq-ing and hey it does look quite nice on the eyes. Good job people!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mark Yer Calendars!!!

As I mentioned previously, next week we will kick off our new party called Fender Bender at Loreley in Brooklyn, NY. This will be every Thursday with Legowelt from Holland already booked to DJ on Jan. 26th. Up after that will be Hugo Capablanca from Berlin on Feb. 9th. Speculator and myself will be there every week so please come support some of the biggest music nerds you know, us. Hope to see you soon!

Flyer by: Victoria Collier

Dj Chupacabras - New Mix Up

Shaky Paws In NY

Here's a link to a short little dj mix I did back in November that I finally got around to putting up. It starts out more boogie and funk and quickly goes into house and techno. Old school tracks for the most part. Check it out.

Pal Joey Still Goin!!!

I was pleasantly surprised to come across Pal Joey's website the other day. The photo section is basically pics of all the stickers from all the different records he made, AND that means there are a lot. I always love being out somewhere and hearing a dj drop some Earth People or Soho or countless other tracks from him. This guy is definately a NY legend in my opinion and made some great tracks and is still makin music today. He also has a cool flyer section on his site as well which has some cool old ones on there. Check it out here: www.paljoeymusic.com


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hang on a Minute!

Well, it seems it's been a very long time since I committed to doing a weekly party...that's all changed in the last week. With a little bit of prodding from Dj Speculator, we've decided to start a new night, right here in Brooklyn to highlight our favorite dance tracks every week. This will take place at Loreley (not the one in Manhattan) located at 64 Frost St. Brooklyn, NY. They just invested some serious cash in the sound system there and we are ready to throw down some boogie, italo, house and disco every Thursday starting next week. The tables and chairs will be cleared out every week so we can have people dance. We will also be having guests in the very near future such as Hugo Capablanca and Legowelt. Keep yer eyes peeled and I'll put the flyer up very soon!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012

PPU/Ital/Jonas Reinhardt/Xosar Tonight in Brooklyn?

Yup it's happening. Come see D.C.'s label boss Andrew Morgan throw down on the decks. This man is VERY difficult to catch dj-ing so you may not have another opportunity anytime soon and he has the sickest records you will want (if you can find out what they are). Ital will also dj with 2 live sets by Xosar who just released a sick record for Morelli's L.I.E.S. imprint and Jonas Reinhardt. Just go.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Almost forgot to say Happy New Year!

Hope everyone has a great year. I saw a bunch of friends at the party last night at Submercer and THAT'S what makes living in NY so great. Great friends are why we stay here! Can't wait for this year to really take off. And a big thanks to all of you who actually read all this crap every week. Thanks.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dj Orgy Tonight in NYC

So tonight will be pretty insane as we plan to send Sam off to Austin, TX. I think there's gonna be about 15 dj's in total at Submercer. A lot of us haven't seen eachother since November with everyone out of town and with the Holidays and stuff. It's gonna be an all Italo night, so expect everyone to dig extra deep into the shelves for tonight. Can't wait. Stop by between 10pm and 4am to get in on the action.