Friday, October 30, 2009

Electra-Are you automatic?

Electra �by� user1694217

Here's a track by Electra on Best Records. I found this not too long ago here in Brooklyn. The more common record on Emergency was Electra feat. Tara Butler -Feels Good. On Best it is cataloged as just Tara Butler. I like the bouncy bass line. It's kind of a weird track, but pretty good. Anyhow, enjoy your free Friday song. See you next week.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sleepy Hollow NY

I've always wanted to go to Sleepy Hollow in New York. It's an old Dutch town from the 17th century just north of New York City that looks really cool. Maybe one day I'll drive up there, since it's not far away. I remember listening to the Disney record with my older sister when I was a kid. It was creepy and had great sound effects as most of the Disney records always do. Wind effects are super scary. 2 more days til the Headless Horseman rides again. Happy Holloween.

The Falcon Speaks Out

Check out this e-mail the Falcon sent me about having a record trade go bad with some guy overseas. You might wanna think twice before messin with him.

In his own words:

"you know what douchebag? You want to post this on the forum than be my guest, because in the end you are being a complete bitch and i could honestly care less if you try and gain sympathy from a bunch of people on the internet because you feel cheated. Cry me a fucking river. Life is so hard. There are audible clicks on my record, i can't use it in the club to get the crowd hype with my expert knowledge of obscure hoo. A real ass mutherfucker wouldn't give a flying fuck if there was some grit on the record. It's not about pristine condition M- records and having fashionable tunes to impress your nerd friends with. It's uptight posers like you who take the beauty out of this music and impose their twisted values on people. I was willing to work with you until you started acting like a dick.

You're just mad because you found the Nancy Martin the week after you made the trade and then when the Blake Baxter got there it was not up to your grading standard. If you didn't think the trade was fair, then you shouldn't have agreed to it in the first place as you're saying the records you offered are more rare than the ones you traded for and so forth. Bad move on your part, captain.

I was trying to be civil with you but now your bitch-ass has pushed me over the limit.

I was actually not at work yesterday and therefore I was not able to respond to your ever urgent email.

I know you have been losing sleep over this and I actually find it amusing.

You picked the wrong dude to lash out on.

In the end i want to be rid of you, if it takes 20 euros to shut you the fuck up, than so be it. Send me your Paypal address.

Being humble goes a long way and you have alot to learn when dealing with people you don't know, so watch it because you never know what kind of mess you may step into."

G. Race

This track is amazing. Found this on youtube by accident looking on discogs at the label Safety Copy from Germany. Check out their site here: They do re-ssues and bootlegs of stuff that's hard to find (and not pay a lot). Enjoy, it's a great song.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Ron Louis Smith -Love Talk by user:djchupacabras

Ron Louis Smith -Love Talk �by� user1694217

Just put this up on Soundcloud. Great feel good fall track for a friday afternoon. It came out on Sunshine Sound Disco back in 1979 and distributed by T.K. Productions. It was taken from the album "Party Freaks".  What a rad title for an album.  Have a nice weekend.

Everyone wants the Sh-101. Yeah the 101 has an arpeggiator and looks cool. I still prefer the Sh-09. Black and aluminum with yellowing keys just looks tougher. It does have CV/Gate at least. You can also get some really dirty sounds out of this. Monophonic at it's best (at least looking).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Life Resembles My Records

It's true. They're always disorganized and misplaced. Some get lost here and there (usually at the bar). Always looking for something "new", meaning old. I sometimes think, once I get that record I'm pretty set. Nope, it never happens. So between my gear and my records, life always seems to be in a state of disarray. Here's my 606 and MSQ 700. I like the mess behind them more.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Goblin's Suspiria

As we get closer to Halloween, I've been thinkin about monsters and ghosts quite a bit. What better record to listen to than Goblin's Suspiria. I'd rather listen to the record than watch the movie. I always found the movie to arty and boring. Another great Italian Horror soundtrack. Although Alien Contamination on vinyl would be way more amazing.

A Real Disco Party

Now this looks like the kind of party I wouldn't mind going to. I vaguely remember there being one really good track on the b-side of this soundtrack (Logan's Run). Gonna have to dig that one out later tonight. Proto disco garb.

Monday, October 19, 2009