Sunday, April 15, 2012

Model 500 The chase (Juan's version)

One of those kinda days...

Dj Mozart - La Notte Degli Angeli (Baia Degli Angeli)

A friend of Daniele Baldelli's, Dj Mozart used to play with him and helped cultivate the cosmic sound. This is a great audio voyage if you can make it through all 46 minutes. In a modern "ADD" society I doubt you will, but if you do you'll be quite happy you did. 70's druggy Italian vibe here at it's best. Very cool mix.

Mac Jr.- Elephant Song

Still an all time favorite. Everything drops in at the perfect place. Insane.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Saxophone - Souvenir

An interesting Italo take on my all time favorite band (OMD). Kinda sticks to the og formula but is pretty cool in it's own right. The beginning makes it sound like it's gonna be awful, but makes a quick recovery. The girl's vocals are pretty cool getting looped here and there. Dreamy melody that gets me every time.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fender Bender

We started doin this party back in January and have had some great guests already and have met a lot of people who love music as much as me and Speculator do. This week it'll just be us 2, taking a moment to regain our bearings and get ready to rip right through summer. Thanks to all of you that have come out already, that's why we do it. If you think you can endure an entire night of me and Will, then come on down. We'll be there from 10pm until closing, just like every week.

Up next week is Justin Vandervolgen.

Trackman Lafonte & BonQuiQui - Pacific House

Nuff said. Out now on Creme Records.

Friday, April 6, 2012


Great song for cruisin through this Friday afternoon. Sun is shining and no place to really go. Love this one!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tonight With Kim Ann Foxman + Andrew "the Wiz" Potter

 This week we have kim ann foxman and andrew "the wiz" populette strutting their stuff.. lets see if these professionals can hold it down..

Some links about our guests:

As always fenderbender is free every thurs.. and resident djs speculator & chupacabras will fill in the gaps.

Loreley is a nice beer garden with schnapps and the wine is decent too.. there is also good german food that is served late and a full bar.. and an outside for when it gets warmer.

10 pm to close

Andrés - New For U

New release from Detroit's Dez Andrés on La Vida Records. Nice lush string with a hypnotic beat and tiny vocal snippets. Great track from a long time Detroit underground figure. Check it out.