Monday, February 27, 2012

Birthday Party W/ Lee Douglas

This week is gonna be pretty intense. Between work and getting ready to go out of town "the day" after my Birthday, which seemed like a great idea a few weeks back is gonna be a tough one. REGARDLESS of all that, Doug from TBD/Stallions fame will be joining me this week at Loreley in Brooklyn. A guaranteed blurry night to send me 2 steps closer to a nursing home. Stop by, dance, chit chat and all that. Hope to see you out!!!


A great track to end a long week and begin another...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Tonight again in BK

Playin records with Scott Z from Detroit and Ron Morelli. Early style, from 9pm on...

Cumar Orchestrator Ad

So I found an old Billy Joel tour program the other day with this in it. It was a kinda funny little thing that I guess was meant to be for collectors and people with no idea what to expect from the tour. Regardless this page made me laugh pretty hard. Proven in performance.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Steve Summers @ This Week's Fenderbender

This week we have the man behind many amazing projects who hides between a pantload of aliases. Jason Letkiewicz. He's put out a lot of records on labels like Future Times, L.I.E.S., Nation, Clone and many others. His live set is pretty amazing if you missed it on Beats In Space, check it out here: Steve Summers Live on BIS It should be a very fun night indeed. Speculator is outta town playing somewhere in France for the next 2 weeks. Come on out to Loreley this Thursday. 64 Frost St. In Brooklyn, NY.

Robert Armani - Circus Bells (full length original mix)

A total classic!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Techno @ Lit W/ Shawn O'Sullivan (W.T., L.I.E.S.)

So tomorrow night Mr. Shawn O' Sullivan and myself will be playing dark in techno in the basement of Lit in the Lower East Side. They're comin up on their 10 year anniversary this week and remember quite a lot of drunkin party nights at this spot some years ago. Shawn has been busy putting out records for W.T. as well as L.I.E.S Records. Stop by and check it out. Here's a link ti his Soundcloud page:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Frankie Valli-The Night

Always have been a huge fan of this pulsating bass guitar with those back up singers and horns cutting in and out. The super sad guitar twang around 3 minutes is really hilarious. Frankie has been on tour since the 1960's which is pretty insane on it's own. He has so many hits under his belt as well. I remember seeing this under Northern Soul on the tube and it suprised me a bit, then I thought about it more...Totally makes sense that this took off in that circle as well. Classic 70's hit.

Fenderbender with Ron Morelli tonight in Brooklyn !

Ron "the falcon" Morelli is the man behind L.I.E.S. Records and a long time drinkin partner. He's teaming up with us for our weekly Fenderbender Party. We all get together and talk shit like only we can. Ron been super busy with his label and touring in the EU. Come check him out before you have to pay 20 euros to go see somewhere in the future. 3 Brooklyn bozos bring you the best in house, boogie, disco and beyond. Come on down, what else ya gonna do?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One Way featuring Al Hudson - Music

Super slick production from One Way here from 1979. Great lyrics with some amazing hooks. Great feel good track that always sounds good.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fender Bender W/ Hugo Capablanca Tonight in NY.

We have one of our favorite Dj's this week at Loreley from Berlin (although he's really from Spain), Hugo Capablanca. The man goes under many guises and is involved in his own label Discos Capablanca, puts out Banamania on Discoteca Oceano and releases on Gomma to name a few. Hugo loves a good party, so let's not let him down tonight. I worked like a dog all week and am ready to throw down with him and Speculator. Stop by tonight. Feb. 9th. You know where it is...

Ruf Dug - 1 4 Ron (Ruf Kutz #4)

This dude makes some sick ass records from Manchester and they seem hard as fuck to track down. Here's a Ron Hardy tribute from the last EP he put out.

Lil Louis - How I Feel

This track is sooooo good. So many of us have a special place in our hearts for Dance Mania Records. From the earlier house cutz to the ghetto anthems they had a ton of releases in their day. This Lil Louis track is great with jackin drums and a nice melody looped. A great one to have on your shelf.