Saturday, September 24, 2011

Party on Detroit City.

Another party in the best city to party in...DETROIT. Macho city residents Mike Trombley & Scott Zacharias will be playing alongside Speculator (NYC) and Marion Guillet (Paris). If you're in the area get down there to the 1 and only Macho City. I'm in England but would have driven to make it if I could have. Get down with Detroit's finest.

DJs Mike Trombley & Scott Zacharias

w/ special guests SPECULATOR (W.T. Records, Brooklyn)
and MARION GUILLET (Paris, France)

Saturday, September 24th

The R&R Salon
7330 Michigan Ave
Detroit, MI

10PM - 5AM

$3 / 21+

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ramona Brooks - I Don't Want You Back

Funky bongo work on this great boogie track. Great vocals with some nice backup singers too. 1980 was the year. Grab one when you see it...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another Brooklyn party this weekend...

The LPH posse with a lot of reinforcements this Saturday night. I heard the location has changed so you might wanna email for this one. Plus Tiger and Woods bring their filtered samples to the US for the first time. White labels galore and no strangers to the underground scene, it will be fun. Plus Runaway and a whole lot more. DO IT!

Dance Baby

Dance Baby by tomnoble The man from the left coast offering up another edit, filtered out to the max...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Moodyman - Black Mahogani

I think this post on youtube sums it up rather nicely...

fuck greensleeves, this is what i want to listen to when i'm on hold

Dj's Scott Zacharias & Jeremy Campell tonight in NY.

Tonight in NY. Jeremy Campell and one of Detroit's finest dj tonight in Brooklyn. 10pm - 4am in Bushwick.
Tandem Bar Brooklyn NYC
236 Troutman St
Brooklyn, NY
Find Go and have fun.

Friday, September 16, 2011

1971 Arp Synthesizers Demo Record Side A

Record find of the day. Found an amazingly clean copy of this today. It's pretty fun. Music and Narration by Roger Powell. You can hear the B side as well on the tube. It has some original compositions on there. Overall alot packed into this little 7".

Monday, September 12, 2011

PBS Public Broadcasting Service (1971)

1971. Hmmmmm. Below taken from the PBS website:

Music/Sounds: A telephone-like Moog synthesizer scale descending rapidly, followed by five Moog synthesizer tones as the black dots appear.

Scare Factor: Medium bordering on high. The creepy Moog synthesizer music and primitive animation are certain to unnerve more than a few unsuspecting viewers, especially if viewed in a completely darkened room or succeeding credits with a black background. Nevertheless, this logo has a huge following, so much of a following, that, in 2007, one of the CLG members named David Gill did a documentary of his own called 1971 PBS I.D. Monologue- Part 1, which can be seen on YouTube.

L.I.E.S. - Comeback Dust (Legowelt Remix)

Some how the video was taken down from whoever posted it up on the tube. So this is a re-post with the "new" video. Take 2....

One of the most amazing remixes I've heard in a long time. Get a copy of this before they're all gone. Doubt this is the official video, but who knows. Haunting lyrics that sound a lot like JB.

The Kay-Gees - Hustle With Every Muscle

Kool and the Gang proteges tearin this one apart with that guitar riff. I'm sure you've seen the "Detroit Hustle's Harder" t-shirts out there. Well these dudes were doin it with every muscle...

Griffin DISCO

I admit that perhaps I like this show a little too much. Just great mindless stuff. Bev Hill cop theme.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Blake Baxter - Sexuality (1988)

What an insane track. The man himself who put heavy breathed vocals on so many track from Detroit with a pumping 909. Total classic.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crown Heights Affair - I Don't Want to Change You [Paradise Garage]

Moroder-esque bassline. Breaks and changes throughout, funky horns and great group vocals. This came out in 1980 with the disco era coming to a close for a lot of groups, CHA had their shit dialed in on this track. Electronic with all the classic hooks as well. Could have been a great stand alone soul song as well I bet. I don't want to change ya...