Monday, February 8, 2010

A lot of gear for sale in the New York area.

Lately I've noticed so many different cool synths and drum machines for sale in the NY area (as well as Jersey.) It seems that people don't want their old synths. Lately looking at craigslist (and spending way too much time there), I've seen some great things poppin up. Such as a SCI Prohet 600, Yamaha CS 01, CS 50, Moog Rouge, Arp 2600, Roland Jupiter 6, Roland TR 808 & 909. Just to name a few. So keep your eyes peeled. Let's give these machines nice new homes. Here's a photo of my chaotic current studio set up. Might put up some tracks very soon. KEEP BUYING ANALOG!!!

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  1. post some more emails about record trading theyre funny