Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'll Be With You - Bernie Worrell

A friend of mine was talking about the Bernie Worrell documentary this weekend at my BBQ. I always think everyone knows who this dude is, and am shocked if someone doesn't. I guess not everyone knew how important this guys was as he's mainly been "behind the scenes".  Almost more like a studio musician that can turn a good track into a great one on occasion. He is the reason I wanted a keyboard to begin with, hearing Parliament's Flashlight as a kid. It's on Netflix, you can buy the DVD. I just watched the trailer for the doc and think I'll watch it right now...


Here's a list of a few artists he worked with from 1970-1985:

1970 Funkadelic "Open Our Eyes"
1970 Funkadelic Funkadelic
1970 Freda Payne "Band Of Gold"
1970 Parliament Osmium
1970 Funkadelic Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow
1970 Funkadelic "Fish Chips and Sweat"
1970 Ruth Copeland Self Portrait
1971 Honey Cone "Want Ads"
1971 Funkadelic Maggot Brain
1971 Ruth Copeland I Am What I Am
1972 U.S. music with Funkadelic "I Miss My Baby"
1972 U.S. music with Funkadelic "I Owe You Something Good"
1972 Parliament "Come In Out Of The Rain"
1972 Funkadelic America Eats Its Young
1972 Funkadelic "A Whole Lot of B.S."
1973 Chairmen of the Board Skin I'm In
1973 Funkadelic Cosmic Slop
1974 Funkadelic Standing On The Verge
1974 Parliament Up For The Down Stroke
1975 Funkadelic "Vital Juices"
1975 Funkadelic Let's Take It To The Stage
1975 Parliament Chocolate City
1975 Parliament Mothership Connection
1975 Jimmy Scott Backbone
1975 Funkadelic Funkadelic's Greatest Hits
1976 Albert King King Albert
1976 Parliament The Clones Of Dr. Funkenstein
1976 Bootsy's Rubber Band Stretchin' Out (In A Rubber Band)
1976 Funkadelic Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic
1976 Johnnie Taylor Ear-ga-sm
1976 Fuzzy Haskins A Whole 'Nother Thang
1976 Funkadelic Hardcore Jollies
1976 Jeannie Reynolds Cherries, Bananas And Other Fine Things
1977 Parliament P-Funk Earth Tour
1977 Bootsy's Rubber Band Ah, The Name Is Bootsy, Baby
1977 Eddie Hazel Game Dames and Guitar Thangs
1977 Johnnie Taylor Rated Extraordinaire
1977 Funkadelic Best Of The Early Years
1977 The Horny Horns A Blow For Me And A Toot To You
1977 Parliament Funkentelechy Vs. The Placebo Syndrome
1978 Brides of Funkenstein Funk Or Walk
1978 Parlet Pleasure Principle
1978 Bootsy's Rubber Band Player Of The Year
1978 Fuzzy Haskins Radio Active
1978 The Glass Family Crazy
1978 Johnnie Taylor Ever Ready
1978 Bobby Womack Pieces
1978 Dramatics Do What You Wanna Do
1978 Funkadelic One Nation Under A Groove
1978 Parliament Motor Booty Affair
1978 Parliament Motor Booty Affair [Picture Disc]
1978 Parliament "Aqua Boogie" [12"]
1978 Funkadelic "One Nation Under A Groove" [12"]
1978 Bernie Worrell All The Woo In The World
1979 Jesse Rae It's Just The Dog In Me
1979 Parlet Invasion of the Booty Snatchers
1979 Funkadelic Uncle Jam Wants You
1979 Brides of Funkenstein Never Buy Texas From A Cowboy
1979 Bootsy's Rubber Band This Boot Is Made For Fonk'n
1979 Parliament Gloryhallastoopid
1980 Sweat Band Sweat Band
1980 Five Special Special Edition
1980 Busta Jones Self-Titled
1980 Philippe Wynne Wynne Jammin'
1980 Parliament Trombipulation
1980 Bootsy Ultra Wave
1981 Spinners Can't Shake This Feelin'
1981 David Byrne Catherine Wheel
1981 Jerry Harrison The Red And The Black
1981 Mtume You, Me and He
1981 Shango Shango Funk
1981 Space Cadets Space Cadets
1982 Talking Heads The Name of this Band Is Talking Heads
1982 The O'Jays My Favorite Person
1982 Melon Do You Like Japan
1982 Jesse Rae Rush
1982 George Clinton Computer Games
1982 Bootsy Collins The One Giveth, The Count Taketh Away
1982 Marc Sadane Exciting
1982 Revelation Same
1982 LJ Reynolds Travelin'
1982 Ron Dunbar These Feets Were Made For Dancin'
1982 Stephanie Mills Tantalizingly Hot
1982 Elusion featuring Limon Show and Tell
1983 Rita Coolidge Never Let You Go
1983 Nona Hendryx Nona
1983 Mtume Juicy Fruit
1983 Paul Haig Rhythm of Life
1983 Gwen Guthrie Portrait
1983 Black Uhuru Anthem
1983 Talking Heads Speaking In Tongues
1983 New Horizons Something New
1983 George Clinton You Shouldn't-Nuff Bit Fish
1983 Various Artists Best of Music & Rhythm
1983 Something Special Something Special
1984 Gil Scott-Heron Best of Gil Scott-Heron
1984 Mtume You, Me and He
1984 Army Arrangement Fela Anikulapo Kuti
1984 Anthem Black Uhuru
1984 Nona Hendryx The Art Of Defense
1984 Kiddo Action
1984 Talking Heads Stop Making Sense
1984 DST Mean Machine
1984 Fred Schneider Fred Schneider
1984 Fred Schneider Shake Society
1984 Parliament Parliament's Greatest Hits
1984 Lee Fields Shake It Lady
1984 Last Poets Oh My People
1984 Gil Scott-Heron Re-Ron
1984 Time Zone World Destruction
1984 Gil Scott-Heron Best of Gil Scott-Heron
1985 Golden Palominos Visions of Excess
1985 Sly & Robbie Language Barrier
1985 Deadline Down by Law
1985 Jonas Helborg Axis
1985 Yoko Ono Starpeace
1985 Public Image Ltd. Album
1985 Parliament/Funkadelic Mothership Connection (Live)
1985 Nona Hendryx The Heat
1985 Manu Dibango Electric Africa
1985 Jesse Rae Over The Sea
1985 Time Zone World Destruction
1985 Jesse Rae Party Crackers
1985 Zapp New Zapp IV U
1985 Mtume Juicy Fruit
1985 Fela Kuti Army Arrangement

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